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Heart failure

Heart failure is a serious chronic disease caused by the inability of the heart to perform its pump function. In other words, the heart is no longer able to deliver oxygen and nutrients properly to the organism. This leads to symptoms such as shortness of breath, swelling of the legs, weight gain and constant fatigue.  

heart failure


The disease can occur at any time, but the risk increases with age.
About 1% of people under 65 suffer from it, compared to 7% between 75 and 84 and 15% after 85.
Heart failure strains the heart and affects the whole body, including the functioning of other organs: the kidneys, lungs, brain and muscles of the body. It is chronic disease, which means that it requires long-term treatment.

Moreover, the illness is progressive over time and is therefore classified into four stages, in accordance with the impact it has on everyday life :

Stage 1: no symptoms, no limitation to effort
Stage 2: symptoms for moderate efforts
Stage 3: symptoms with minor efforts
Stage 4: symptoms at rest, efforts impossible

The course and progression of the disease are unpredictable and varies from person to person. Appropriate treatment can not only attenuate the symptoms, but also improve the prognosis and extend life.

For more practical information on heart failure : https://www.liguecardioliga.be/ and www.insuffisance-cardiaque.be