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F.A.Q. online appointment


Do you need help making an appointment online? Below are the most frequently asked questions on this subject:

What if I don't have a national register?

Unfortunately our system does not allow for security reasons to register a patient without a national register. However, you can take the necessary steps to create a BIS number with your municipality, which can then be entered in the next application.

What should I do if I have not received an appointment confirmation by email?

You may have entered the wrong email address or not gone through with the process.

What should I do if I have not received a reminder SMS?

The SMS reminders are linked to the patients for whom the appointment has been made. If you have made an appointment for a third party, that person will receive the SMS. You can ask during your visit to the Europe Hospitals to change the telephone number in the "patient" file.

What if I couldn't make an appointment?

You may not be using the correct browser. Booking an appointment does not work with Internet Explorer.

What if I have tried to cancel my appointment but it doesn't work?

If it is a cancellation or a displacement within 24 hours, it is normal, we ask you to contact the secretariat. 
If the appointment was made by the secretariat, it is normal that you can only have control over the appointments you have made online.

What should I do if I have tried to make two appointments with the same doctor without success?

We limit the number of appointments with a doctor to one at a time, again for safety reasons. Do not hesitate to contact the secretariat.

Is it normal that for some doctors it is not possible to make an appointment online?

Yes, this may be related to the choice of doctor or the complexity of the appointment, please contact our secretariat who can help you.

I had made an appointment online and when I showed up, the doctor wouldn't see me

We cannot guarantee appointments that have been made outside the conditions mentioned on our website. If it is a more specific consultation (mentioned in the text box), you should contact the secretariat so that they can arrange the most suitable appointment and time slot for you.

How do I make an appointment for my child online?

Fill in the child's details.
Additional information is required for the person making the appointment.

How can I make an appointment for someone other than myself?

Fill in the details of the patient making the appointment.
If you enter the telephone number of the patient for whom you are making an appointment, the activation code will be sent to that number.

How do I manage my appointments?

The patient can reschedule/cancel appointments made online up to 24 hours before the appointment. For other appointments, the patient must contact the secretariat.