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About the tobaccology unit

The tobacco consultation offers individual support throughout the entire smoking cessation process (at your discretion or advised).

It is open to every person willing to:

  • learn more about tobacco (the health effects, triple dependence, the benefits of stopping, etc.),
  • clarify their smoking habit in their mind,
  • boost their motivation,
  • prepare themselves and to solidify the change, by choosing the method that best suits them,
  • be supported throughout the weaning and then afterwards when strengthening the commitment to quitting.

The first meeting (about 60 minutes) will allow you to complete a smoking assessment, evaluate how motivated you are, your dependence level, your psychological and dietary situation, measure the level of carbon monoxide poisoning and to discuss the different possible methods to help you quit (a potential medical treatment could be discussed and proposed in collaboration with the attending doctor or a specialist doctor).

The meetings that follow (about 30 minutes) will allow you to continue the personalised weaning process (adapting the treatment of the physical dependence, monitoring the side effects, psychological and dietary support, biological monitoring of the detoxification). The pattern of the meetings is decided with each patient. The chance of success is the focus of these regular consultations which offer indispensable psychological support for a successful quit attempt.


Individual: adolescents, adults, pregnant women

As a couple





For patients in the Brussels region and the Walloon region: insurance companies have agreed to reimburse a maximum of eight sessions in a period of two calendar years. The patient has to pay €60 for the first session (of which €30 will be reimbursed by the national health service) and €35 for the seven sessions that follow (of which €20 will be reimbursed).

In case of pregnancy, the patient has to pay 50 (of which €30 will be reimbursed by the national health service).

For patients in the Flemish region: the Flemish authorities have agreed to reimburse a maximum of four hours of individual support per year (or 12 hours of group sessions). The patient has to pay their individual share (either €7.5 per fifteen minutes of individual support or €1 per fifteen minutes for beneficiaries of increased intervention) and the regional authorities will pay directly for the rest of the fees for the tobacco addiction specialist.

Some national health service companies offer additional interventions for the reimbursement of a course of smoking cessation medications (nicotine patches among others).


Source: Team Tobaccology - Last update: 03/02/2020