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General internal medicine

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About the general internal medicine

Internal medicine relates to all clinical problems, with the exception of surgical problems. At the Europe Hospitals, the internal medicine specialist or internist adopts a global approach to the patient when establishing a diagnosis, conducting detailed investigations, summarising clinical problems and implementing and overseeing treatments. Internists rely, as necessary, on other specialists at the Europe Hospitals to implement a multidisciplinary approach with highly efficient technical means.

The internal medicine ward is the perfect diagnosis unit.
Internists view patient healthcare globally.

They are very versatile and cover a broad range of medical fields, from infectious diseases or diabetes to cardiology, pulmonology and gastroenterology.

They examine symptoms such as pain, weight loss, general changes in the state of health, blood anomalies such as inflammations and abnormal laboratory test results, and they are trained to take several simultaneous pathologies into account.

Internists do not replace organ specialists, but rely heavily on their expertise. They know how to establish a rational and financially-acceptable investigation programme, the outcome of which is a balanced medical summary and a suitable treatment. Organ specialists and internists are therefore often required to work in close collaboration. 



Source: Team Internal medicine - Last update: 04/02/2020