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robotic surgery in urology


Constantly following the latest technological evolutions, the unit has been involved, for many years, in the development of new approaches designed to be less and less invasive. 
In this spirit, the Europe Hospitals acquired the first Da Vinci robot in 2007, and updated it to the latest generation in 2016 (Da Vinci Xi), featuring a dual console that is used to train assistants as well as invited and visiting urologists.

This type of robotic surgery enables the surgeons to work, using an interface of articulated instruments, with great precisionno tremors, a high-definition optical resolution and 3-D vision

Thanks to its exceptional capacities, the robot provides for an unparalleled view of anatomical structures, the highest possible dissection quality and extremely accurate stitches.

The advantages for the patient are numerous:

  • Scars are smaller and less painful, and post-operative pains are reduced. 
  • Reduction of infection risks.
  • Reduced blood loss.
  • Improved preservation of anatomical structures.
  • Shorter hospitalisation and rehabilitation periods.

It enables to treat:

  • Prostate cancer: with preservation of the erectile function (when indicated) and urinary continence
  • Renal and bladder cancers.
  • Genital prolapses



Presentation of the prostactetomy (FR)

Presentation of the Da Vince robot (FR)