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Contact information

St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center - Waterloo
02-614 42 00

The team Breast Clinic

The care team is composed of: 

However, other staff also contribute to your care.  You can meet them by simple request: 

the breast care nurse

You will meet her on your arrival. From the start, she tries to guide breast cancer patients as well as possible. She is the contact person throughout your treatment. She brings you into contact with the various parties involved in the care process. She is there to listen, chat and provide information about your illness and treatment.

  • St-Elisabeth site
    • Sofie Van Driessche (NL-FR-EN) - 02-614 27.31 or S.Vandriessche@europehospitals.be
  • St-Michel site
    • Janique Steurs (FR-EN) - 02-614 20 77 or j.steurs@europehospitals.be


the secretary of the medical day hospital

He/she welcomes you and directs you to your room. He/she prepares and informs you about your next appointment and/or assessment.

the dietician

He/she can advise you on your diet and adjust it to any side effects that may arise from your treatment.

  • St-Elisabeth site
    • Stéphanie Legrand (FR) - 02-614 44 00
  • St-Michel site
    • Noélie Dominicy (FR, EN, ES) - 02-614 44 00

the psychologist

He/she can assist you in overcoming the distress caused by the diagnosis of your disease and any difficulties caused by the treatment. This service is also provided for your family/children.

  • St-Elisabeth site
    • Eloïse Vanderstraeten (FR) - 02-614 24 67
    • Olivier Bury (NL, FR, EN) - 02-614 24 67
    • Anne-Sophie De Biseau (FR-NL-EN) - 02-614 24 67
  • St-Michel site
    • Sophie Massart (FR-EN) - 02-614 38 09
    • Alexandra Meert (FR-EN) - 02-614 24 68

the social worker

He/she assists you in finding solutions that are adapted to your personal, family-related or financial problems. The social service acts as a liaison between the patient and the various members of the care team both inside and outside the hospital.

  • St-Elisabeth site
    • Alexandra Taschetta (FR-NL)
  • St-Michel site
    • Özge Kirpik (FR)

the aesthetician

He/she can provide you with spa treatments during the courses of chemotherapy: relaxing massages, manicures, facials. He/she can, if necessary, put you in contact with a wigmaker who will be able to assist you (wig, hat, etc.).

  • St-Elisabeth site
    • Sandra Angulo (FR, ES, EN) - 02-614 24 68
  • St-Michel site
    • Patricia Keyaerts (FR-NL-EN) - 02-614 34 67

the oncology care manager

He/she coordinates the treatment plan and the care team in order to optimise the patient's stay within the institution.

  • Multisites
    • Bram Mombers-Schepers (NL-FR) - Psychologist/Cancer Plan Executor

the sex therapist

He/she answers your questions regarding the impact of your cancer and treatment on your sex life. A sex therapist does not only deal with what is physically possible (during and after treatment), but also how you and your partner feel and how you are managing the changes.

tobacco addiction specialist

He/she can, if you wish to, support you in your efforts to stop smoking.

the sleep therapist

He/she can, thanks to cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia, advise you on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

The volunteers

They will visit you in your room/on the ward to offer you a drink or have a friendly chat with you.

All these people are at your disposal. If you wish to meet them, it can be arranged for the day of your treatment or if you make an appointment depending on your availability.


Source: Breast Clinic - Last update: 12/04/2021