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Contact information

St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center - Waterloo
02-614 42 00

WAAW – World AMR Awareness Week from 18 until 24 November


Every year from 18 to 24 November, the World Health Organisation (WHO) organises the World AMR Awareness Week (WAAW).

On the theme of "Preventing antimicrobial resistance together", the HOST H. uni team is running an awareness campaign in the H.uni network.

A fun quiz will soon be shared (nursing staff), in which you will discover, according to your personality, which antibiotic you are.

Let's talk about antibiotics and their use together. Not just with our patients, but also with our colleagues. Let's fight antimicrobial resistance together!

Because together we are... H.uni. 

More info on HOST H.uni? Click here.