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Ecodynamic Company Label: The Europe Hospitals, 1st hospital to be awarded 3 stars!

Label Entreprise Ecodynamique

The Europe Hospitals was awarded the Label Entreprise Ecodynamique by Brussels Environment, making it the first hospital to be awarded 3 stars.

The Ecodynamic Company Label is an official recognition that rewards and encourages companies, associations and institutions in Brussels that are taking action to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment.

The hospital sector accounts for at least 5% of national CO2 emissions, and its carbon footprint could triple by 2050. That's why The Europe Hospitals has been keen for several years to put in place good eco-management practices, which have been structured and intensified with the creation of a "Green Europe Committee" in 2022. 

In a year and a half, more than 50 initiatives in favour of the environment have been identified and implemented within the hospital. "Thanks to this label, we are highlighting choices that are meaningful not only for our employees, but also for future employees," emphasises Marie Loriaux, Transversal Project Manager in charge of coordinating the label.

More information on the 'Green' impact of the Europe Hospitals? Click here.