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St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center
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In order to offer our patients quality care with the best means available, the nuclear medicine department has recently acquired a new hybrid gammacamera of the latest generation on the St-Michel site, which combines 3D functional scintigraphy (SPECT) and the anatomical CTscan in a single system (Fig 1.).

This allows not only greater capabilities, but also an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to imaging for medical quality optimization.

Integrating high-performance CT with proven SPECT technology, Symbia Intevo Excel (Siemens) provides the precise anatomical localization and accurate attenuation correction needed to improve diagnostic accuracy. Its clinical benefits are completed by applications to reduce patient radiation exposure and by time-saving and efficiency-enhancing features, making this innovative system ideal for a modern nuclear centre in Etterbeek.


Symbia Intevo Excel

Fig 1. New hybrid gamma camera of the latest generation which combines 3D functional scintigraphy (SPECT) and anatomical CTscan in a single system, the Symbia Intevo Excel camera (Siemens), which was installed a few weeks ago in the Nuclear Medicine department of the Saint Michel site.

This technological advance has prompted radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists to draw up a multidisciplinary collaboration protocol. They join their skills and work together to interpret these images more accurately, both functionally and anatomically. On request, they write a joint examination report allowing clinicians to take a further step in the understanding of complex physiopathological phenomena (Fig 2.).



Fig 2: An example of application: Several imaging modalities are used to assess the cause of postoperative wrist pain, such as standard conventional radiographs (A), ultrasound, CT (C), MRI or bone scintigraphy (B). Hybrid SPECT-CT imaging offers a new approach by combining metabolic and morphological information in coronal slice (D) in patients with postoperative wrist pain especially when standard imaging fails to identify the pain generator. The new Symbia Intevo camera is equipped with a device that greatly reduces artefacts caused by metal implants and shows more detail of the cortical bone than MRI. Here, a painful wrist, recently operated on for radius osteosynthesis. Hybrid imaging (D) clearly shows a hot spot between the ulna and the semilunar bone related to joint impingement secondary to a post-operative bio-dynamic imbalance.

This technology and its multi-disciplinary approach are now available to all our patients at the St-Michel site in Etterbeek. For more information, please contact 02/614 3530. The nuclear doctors will be happy to answer your questions.