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Contact information

St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center
02-614 42 00

Dr Johan Newell


Dr Johan Newell has joined the St-Elisabeth site of the Europe Hospitals. He is now part of the Sleep Medicine Department.

After completing various national and international training courses in sleep medicine (ISMC, DIU ULB/UCL/ULg and ESRS), Dr Newell has been working as a sleep specialist (somnologist) for 8 years. In addition to his extensive clinical expertise (diagnosis and treatment of all the different sleep disorders, such as nocturnal respiratory disorders, movement disorders, circadionic arrhythmias, hypersomnia or insomnia), he is also involved in various scientific research projects. Finally, this year he was appointed as a sleep specialist at the Belgian Football Federation (Red Devils and Red Flames).