Religious Services

Pastoral care

In close collaboration with the healthcare staff and for the purposes of the global care provided to hospitalised patients, the Catholic pastoral team is at your disposal and provides human, spiritual and religious support. It also serves as a bridge with the representatives of other denominations (Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Islamic, Israelite and Buddhist philosophy), as well as with secularism.

Our mission:

  • Providing support to patients and families who desire it, through meetings, listening, discussions, a supporting presence, a shared prayer or a sacrament.
  • Organising liturgical and sacramental activities within the clinics.
  • Supporting members of the healthcare staff by listening to their doubts, paying attention to their experiences and exchanging thoughts about their questions. The entire clinical staff is also invited to take part in the activities organised by the pastoral team.

How to contact us:

  • By filling in the support request form received upon your admission and handing it over to the healthcare staff.

By asking the healthcare staff at the admissions desk or by calling one of the numbers of the pastoral care team:

  • St-Elisabeth site: 02/614 22 40-41-42-43
  • St-Michel site: 02/614 32 40-41-42

Or by sending an email to the following address:


Mass: Sundays and bank holidays at 10:30 a.m.

At St-Michel: weekly Masses on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:30 p.m.

  • St-Elisabeth site chapel: first floor (route 800).
  • St-Michel site chapel: second floor (wing 300, next to the main lifts).

The pastoral care team also receives the support of volunteers.

Are you interested in providing volunteer work with the pastoral team? 

The Catholic pastoral care team is always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers who are keen to provide support to hospitalised patients by joining our team of volunteers.

There are several ways a volunteer can help:

  • Visiting patients during the week
  • Bringing communion to patients in their rooms, during the week, on Sundays and on bank holidays
  • Bringing the sick to the chapel for celebrations
  • Helping during the celebrations: hymns, readings, preparing the chapel

If you are interested, contact the pastoral team:

  • St-Elisabeth site: Isabelle Tibia 02/614 22 41 I.Tibia
  • St-Michel site: Vinciane Cornez 02/614 32 41
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