Patient rights

In the hospital the patient must adhere to many rules. A patient has of course also Rights including:

1. Right to receive quality service
Every patient receives the best possible service in function of the medical knowledge and available technology. With respect to the wishes of the patient.

2. Right to choosing health care provider
The patient is free to his health care professional and can be on any time request a second opinion. In some cases, this freedom of choice may be restricted by law or by circumstances (for example, in the presence of only one specialist in a hospital). Each professional, however, can refuse to provide treatment for personal or professional reasons, except in case of emergency.

3. Right to information about his State of health
The healthcare professional must provide the patient with all the information needed to gain insight into his state of health (even though this may be negative) and the likely evolution thereof. The patient also has the Right to be informed in advance about the costs and tariffs of the care to be administered. How is the patient informed? The information is conferred by the practitioner orally in a clear language that is adapted to the patient. Taking into account the age, education and mental capacity of the patient. If the patient does not wish to be informed, the professional will respect his wishes. He may, however, not respect this request if it may have serious consequences for the health of the patient or third parties (for example, a contagious disease).

4. Right to consent
Without the consent of the patient, no treatment started or stopped.

5. Right to a patient file
The professional treating each patient must keep a carefully tracked dossier, which must be kept in a safe place. This file contains both personal and medical data. The patient has the right to consult his patient record.

6. Right to privacy
The health care provider must respect professional secrecy. The information in connection with the health of the patient should not be communicated to third parties, unless that party has been appointed by that person.

7. Right to mediation
If someone feels that his rights as a patient have not been respected has right to complain to a competent ombudsman within the Europe Hospitals.

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