Except for admissions via the Accident and emergency unit, all room reservations should be arranged in advance via the admissions department of the hospital. Should you be admitted via the accident and emergency department, the arrangements will be made for you by the department. You can also make the arrangements by telephone.

Admissions St-Michel

02 614 36 50

Opening times:

From Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm
On Sunday from 1.30pm to 5.15pm

The hospital gives you the option of three categories of room according to your wishes and financial possibilities.

  • Single room
  • Double room
  • Four person room

We do our best to provide the required room, depending on availability.
On arrival you will be required to complete various administrative tasks. These are carried out at the admissions desk in the entrance hall.

More information :

- Admission declaration form for classic admission

- Explanations about the admission declaration for a classic admission

- Invoicing terms and conditions

For information, all our practitians are insured at KBC.


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