Is your child sick? Our Emergency Service at the St-Elisabeth site of the Europe Hospitals welcomes you 24/7

20/12/2017 - Sunday, 10:00 a.m. It is snowing heavily, and the streets are covered in a thick white coat, while your son is writhing impatiently in anticipation of going outside to make his first snowman of the year. You wrap him up warmly before he leaves the house to enjoy the first winter fun. The snowman is just about ready; all it needs is a carrot for its nose. Your child runs off to retrieve the final touch and ... Bang, he has a bad fall! Tears are streaming down his face and, more importantly, he is in pain and cannot put his foot down on the ground.

This is the type of situation that can lead you straight to the emergency service. This is why the Europe Hospitals have implemented a specialised care unit - with a special paediatric reception - that is ready to admit your child 24/7, in our Emergency Ward at our St-Elisabeth site.

Address: Avenue De Fré 206, 1180 Uccle (Brussels) – 02-614 29 00