One day surgical

One day surgical - opening hours secretariat and telephone availability: from 7am to 7pm

Info & appointment : 02/614.20.30

Thanks to the evolution of surgical and anaesthetic technology, a large number of operations can be carried out in The One Day Clinic. This means that the admission, operation and recovery take less than a day, this is called ambulant surgery.

In The One Day Clinic the patient’s comfort is important. The treatment is carried out in a pleasant atmosphere, much quieter than the classic hospitalisation. Importantly all the normal infrastructure of the hospital is available if needed throughout the operation.

The specialities available in The One Day Clinic are:

• Plastic Surgery
• Ophthalmic Surgery
• Vascular Surgery
• Abdominal Surgery
• Orthopaedic Surgery
• Stomatology
• Gynaecological Surgery
• Urological Surgery
• Radiotherapy

There is always an Anaesthetician available in The One Day Clinic to assist the surgeon if required.

To keep the length of your hospitalisation as short as possible you are requested to arrive an hour to an hour and a half beforehand in the required department. You should ask the reception the day before, between 15:00 and 18:00, the time of your operation.

If your operation is planned before midday you should not eat or drink anything after midnight the previous day, if it is planned for the afternoon, you should not eat or drink after 07:00, in the morning.

On arrival at The One Day Clinic you will be personally received by our staff, and installed in your room. You will be taken to the pre-op area and your anaesthetic, which has already been arranged with the Anaesthetist, will be administered.

After a short wait for the anaesthetic to take effect you will be taken to the operating theatre and the prescribed intervention will be carried out. Following a short stay in the recovery room you will be returned to you room and after agreement with the Anaesthetist you will be free to return home accompanied by an adult of your choice.

On your discharge specific instructions will be given regarding your medication at home. You may telephone the reception of the Accident and Emergency unit on 02/614 29 00 if you have any problems, if necessary they will contact the person who carried out your operation.

The day following your operation, the receptionist of The One Day Clinic will contact you to check on your condition. The pain clinic is also in The One Day Clinic for practical reasons.  

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